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The Best Way to Build Strength When You’re a Teenager

Teenage athletes are searching the internet for the best way to build strength. If your son or daughter is interested in strenght training for sports performance or general fitness, it is important to ensure they go about it in a safe and healthy way. Building strength as a teenage athlete is essential to improving sports performance and reducing the risk of injury. Both young men and young women who neglect a safe and properly optimized strength training program are hindering their ability to improve their athleticism and health. Throw in the general awkwardness of being a teen and the obvious aesthetic benefits of...

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Best of Las Vegas 2017 Best Preps Trainer

the Best Preps Trainer Las Vegas 2017 I am completely floored and utterly humbled to be honored by Vegas Seven Magazine as the Best Preps Trainer Las Vegas 2017. Las Vegas Sports Performance began five years ago because I saw an opportunity to help more people achieve their fitness goals. In my years playing competitively at the varsity and collegiate levels, as well as the years I spent coaching Junior Legion baseball, I have seen too many athletes training and operating under some serious misconceptions about fitness. Additionally, strength and mobility training, as well as metabolic conditioning, play as important a role...