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Sport Specific Training in Las Vegas - Pitching Mechanics

How to make pitching mechanics stick

Sport Specific Training in Las Vegas: Training to improve mechanics baseball. Baseball is a numbers game. How many home runs has someone hit? What is his ERA? How hard does he throw his fastball? These are the conversations at every kitchen table and in every clubhouse and stadium across the country. Now is the time of year to undo what the great game of baseball has done to our bodies. A structured performance program is a key to improving health and increasing your body's efficiency leading into your next season. What is sports performance training? Sports performance training is often referred to as sport...

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Best of Las Vegas 2017 Best Preps Trainer

the Best Preps Trainer Las Vegas 2017 I am completely floored and utterly humbled to be honored by Vegas Seven Magazine as the Best Preps Trainer Las Vegas 2017. Las Vegas Sports Performance began five years ago because I saw an opportunity to help more people achieve their fitness goals. In my years playing competitively at the varsity and collegiate levels, as well as the years I spent coaching Junior Legion baseball, I have seen too many athletes training and operating under some serious misconceptions about fitness. Additionally, strength and mobility training, as well as metabolic conditioning, play as important a role...

High School Baseball Training Las Vegas

High School Baseball Training Las Vegas: 2 of 2

Without a strong bottom tier, the pyramid is going to collapse. We see this over and over again with the increasing amount of Tommy John surgeries and chronic arm pain our young athletes deal with every season. While they are over-training in the Skills Tier and Working out in weight rooms often without guidance, they are wreaking havoc on their bodies....


What is Strength?

When is your athlete strong enough? What do you consider strength? Does it really matter how much you bench press if you aren’t fast enough to use it? I’m sure we have all heard a college coach say “Let's offer him a scholarship based off of his bench press numbers.” NONSENSE! No, you haven’t! The numbers don't lie: greater force is greater strength. Get off the machines, get over your one rep max, stop obsessing over how strong you are and focus on how powerful you are....