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Injury Reduction

Decreasing Incidents of Injury – Injury Prevention Las Vegas

Focused on strength, flexibility, and control

People who’ve experienced injuries or have physical deficits know one thing for sure, life was better before they got hurt and still had full function. With that in mind, we design personal training programs that encourage the integration of physical and cognitive skills to help overcome the physical and mental effects of an injury. Mitigating the negativity surrounding injuries due to over-training is why Las Vegas Sports Performance focuses on injury prevention Las Vegas.

Rob Martinez, the owner of Las Vegas Sports Performance, motivates his clients to reach their full functional potential by focusing on strength, motor control, sensory integration, balance, agility, mobility, and coordination activities. At Las Vegas Sports Performance the goal is to decrease the client’s apprehension and to restore confidence in their ability to return to the field of play or more active lifestyle.

know your body -injury prevention las vegas

What is a Functional Movement Screen?

Let’s be clear: 100% injury prevention is not real. And any trainer who promises such is selling you a bill of goods. Injuries happen: re-injury doesn’t have to. What we can do is focus on a strategy of injury reduction. Rob employs training that minimizes risk, strengthens your body and addresses movement dysfunction. This makes bouncing back from an injury happen as quickly as possible. This is true injury prevention Las Vegas.

Certified Functional Movement Specialist Rob Martinez has been involved in competitive athletics for a long time. As a result, he intimately understands the difficulties that arise when training and playing with injuries. He has dedicated Las Vegas Sports Performance to first and foremost be a safe training environment. LVSP helps student athletes and adults avoid injury and bounce back as quickly as possible when an injury occurs.

At Las Vegas Sports Performance every client completes a fitness assessment called the Functional Movement Screen on their first visit. The assessment will help determine your fitness level, range of motion capabilities and limitations, and what may be causing those aches and pains you have throughout the day, or first thing in the morning when you get out of bed. Knowing your body is the first step to injury prevention Las Vegas.

Injuries happen, re-injury doesn’t have to

rehab and protect

When your body’s needs are not properly addressed, an injury is more likely to occur. You can not prevent injuries. You can, however, by being in your best shape, greatly reduce the risk of injury.

One of the main focuses in the development of young athletes is injury reduction. Through careful assessment with the Functional Movement Screen, Coach Rob will help ensure a long playing career for your athlete. 100% injury free is the goal as safety is always the number one concern at Las Vegas Sports Performance. However, complete injury prevention is not possible. We focus on doing everything we can to ensure safety in training. Consequently, we strengthen and protect athletes so the likelihood of injury is greatly reduced. Injuries happen, if there have been previous injuries, special care is taken. We strengthen the affected area and avoid aggravation and re-injury at all costs.

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