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We are the best personal training in Las Vegas because we start by learning about how your body moves. This is accomplished through a thorough assessment called the Functional Movement Screen. We establish a baseline for where to begin your training. The Functional Movement Screen allows us to proceed in a safe and efficient manner towards your fitness and athletic goals.

Knowing your complete story, including any past injuries and your previous experience with exercise and personal training is essential. Through this knowledge, we create the best personal training in Las Vegas program for your body. Perhaps equally important is knowing what are your specific goals. Want to make varsity? Run a 5k? Or just generally feel better about how you look and get more active? Every program we design is fully custom for you.

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The biggest support for a great personal training Las Vegas program is nutrition. We ask you about your diet and lifestyle. We provide nutritional and supplement guidance if desired, to assist you in realizing your fitness goals. Because without proper nutrition, it can be difficult to make progress.

Maintaining your safety is our top priority and reducing the incidence injury both in training and competition is a big part of what we do. If you’re coming back from an injury, we proceed with caution and care to ensure that you get back to where you want to be. Without setbacks.

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The best Personal Training Las Vegas is at Las Vegas Sports Performance

We have three unique personal training programs

Focused Fitness

Focused Fitness is available to members at Las Vegas Sports Performance by appointment. We focus on increasing range, flexibility, and control in order to make great gains in strength, endurance, and explosive power in a safe, controlled environment. Schedule your FREE functional movement screen today!


Student Athletes

Student Athlete Sports Performance training is available with a student-athlete membership at Las Vegas Sports Performance. Certified Personal Trainer Rob Martinez played two NCAA sports and understands what you need to do to play at the next level. Schedule your FREE functional movement screen today!


Total Body Burn

Total Body Burn is a group fitness class led by Head Trainer Rob Martinez at Las Vegas Sports Performance and is open to the public. Total Body Burn is a group class, but movements and exercises are modified as necessary, to meet each individual at their level. Schedule your FREE functional movement screen today!

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