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All training is performance training at Las Vegas Sports Performance. Looking great is awesome but feeling great is better. We train your body to perform at work, at play, and in competition, if you choose to do so.  Certified Functional Movement Specialist Rob Martinez offers an enhanced personal training experience. Owner, Rob Martinez is an expert in sport specific training, functional movement, and injury prevention. He begins each clients’ journey by learning about how your body moves with an assessment called the Functional Movement Screen. This gives the ideal starting point for where to begin your training so you can proceed in a safe and efficient manner towards your fitness and athletic goals. The assessment will help determine your fitness level, range of motion capabilities and limitations, and what may be causing those aches and pains you have throughout the day, or first thing in the morning when you get out of bed.

First of all, compiling an extensive history, including injuries and previous experience with exercise is key to creating the best performance training Las Vegas program for you. Probably equally important is knowing your specific goals. Want to make the first team? Run a 10k? Or just generally feel better about how you look and get more active? Every performance training Las Vegas program is fully custom for you.

Performance Training Las Vegas

In addition to Personal Training Las Vegas, focused on safety and injury prevention as much as gains, LVSP specializes in student-athlete training and athletic performance training Las Vegas. Our sport-specific, individualized training is designed specifically for athletes preparing for the upcoming season, gaining an advantage in the off-season and keeping their skills sharp during the season.

Whether you’re looking to take your game to the next level, or just improve your general fitness, Las Vegas Sports Performance has what you need.

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Personal Training

We custom craft each personal training program based on careful assessment of fitness level, lifestyle, history, and nutrition to produce amazing results for your body. Schedule your FREE functional movement screen today!


Injury Prevention

Injury prevention is one of our chief concerns. Training correctly and with purpose can prevent injuries at high school sports practice, on the field of play, at home, and work. Schedule your FREE functional movement screen today!

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Student Athletes

Sport specific training for student athletes is an area we excel in at LVSP. If you're ready to take your game to the next level, train smarter for your sport at Las Vegas Sports Performance. Schedule your FREE functional movement screen today!

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