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5 Tips Weightlifting Injuries From Personal Trainer Las Vegas

Personal Trainer Las Vegas, Rob Martinez Las Vegas Sports Performance - Bet Better Personal Trainer Las Vegas, Rob Martinez is a Functional Movement Specialist who is passionate about helping you get significant gains while ensuring weight training is done in a safe environment. As a weightlifter, everything you do depends on how well your body performs. And nothing brings performance to a halt like an injury. At Las Vegas Sports Performance, reducing the risk of injury is of maximum importance. The most common weight lifting injuries include: Back strains and sprains Herniated disks Patellar tendonitis (knee) Rotator cuff tears Shoulder impingement syndrome (frozen...

personal training in las vegas ankle injuries

4 Tips for Overcoming Ankle Injuries

Avoid Ankle Injuries With Functional Training The key to avoiding injuries in sport specific training and functional training is to prepare your body for a full range of motion with exercises designed to bring the body into balance. You can only do this by beginning with a functional movement screen that assesses any weaknesses or deficiencies in the body's movement patterns. Personal training in Las Vegas can get you feeling and moving better when focused on a foundation of functional movement. I like to think that I was selected as the Best Preps Trainer 2017 in Las Vegas by Vegas Seven magazine...

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5 Basketball Drills for High School Players

Let Me Be Real For A Second There is no such thing as sport-specific training. What I mean is, there are not weight lifting exercises that are specific to any sport, including basketball. If you want sport-specific training you need to practice. But if you want to become a better athlete, functional movement training is the perfect path towards enhanced sports performance. I was named the Best Preps Trainer of 2017 in Vegas Seven Magazine not because I can help you with your ball handling, but because I train you to become a better athlete. I focus on functional movement to reduce...

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Is the RICE Treatment Still the Best Method?

Injury Prevention in Las Vegas As a young athlete, injury prevention in Las Vegas sports training was a hot-button topic. Injury prevention is still a chief concern for athletes of all ages in Las Vegas. The problem is, injuries cannot be prevented. The most we can truly hope for is injury reduction. When an injury does occur, we must not hinder our body's innate ability to heal. When I was still playing, nearly all trainers and sports medicine professionals swore by the RICE treatment protocol. RICE Treatment refers to the commonly recommended response to an injury: rest, ice, compression, and elevation. The term was...


What is Strength?

When is your athlete strong enough? What do you consider strength? Does it really matter how much you bench press if you aren’t fast enough to use it? I’m sure we have all heard a college coach say “Let's offer him a scholarship based off of his bench press numbers.” NONSENSE! No, you haven’t! The numbers don't lie: greater force is greater strength. Get off the machines, get over your one rep max, stop obsessing over how strong you are and focus on how powerful you are....