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Las Vegas Sports Performance is the best gym in Las Vegas for student athletes and adults serious about making huge positive changes in their body and performance in a safe and controlled environment. LVSP was ranked the 30th best gym in the country by the Active Times. We offer personal training, group fitness, and sport specific training programs for student athletes and adults of all ages and fitness levels.

At Las Vegas Sports Performance every client completes a fitness assessment called the Functional Movement Screen on their first visit. The assessment will help determine your fitness level, range of motion capabilities and limitations, and what may be causing those aches and pains you have throughout the day, or first thing in the morning when you get out of bed.

What is the functional movement screen?

The Importance of a proper assessment

Best Gym Las Vegas - Las Vegas Sports Performance

Using what is learned through the assessment, your program will then guide you down the path of moving, looking, and feeling better. We are able to address your individual movement need in order to optimize your fitness program and customize it for your body and lifestyle. Everyone’s body is different, and that is why it is so important to have a complete picture of where your body is at now before throwing you into a training regimen.

When your body’s needs are not properly addressed, an injury is more likely to occur. We take the guesswork out of the entire process and put you in the safest most effective training environment possible. We closely evaluate each movement pattern and then plan on how to progress you towards your fitness goals quickly, efficiently, and safely. This detail oriented and personalized approach is part of what makes us one of the best gyms in Las Vegas.

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Las Vegas Sports Performance Is Different

At LVSP we don’t play loud rap music with offensive lyrics or recommend strange fad diets. We do create custom personal training programs for your body and get results.

Las Vegas Sports Performance is owned and operated by Certified Level 1 USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach and Certified Functional Movement Specialist, Rob Martinez. Rob is committed to the goal of providing injury free training and injury prevention for student athletes and adults of all activity and fitness levels. Read more about Rob here.

Rob Martinez is ready to help you reach and exceed your fitness goals by developing a custom personal training program for you. Las Vegas Sports Performance, one of the best gyms in Las Vegas, is open Monday through Saturday.

Best Gym Las Vegas - Las Vegas Sports Performance
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