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Indoor Cycling Classes

Indoor Cycling Classes

Even if you ride outdoors a lot. You'll reach a higher level of fitness from our structured indoor training. Our training sessions are built around wattage and cadence, the key components to improving your performance on the bike.
Get coached by the highest qualified USA Cycling coach in the state of Nevada.
Adult Fitness

Adult Fitness

We train everyday people just like you, who want to look better, feel better, move better and be stronger. To us there is an athlete in everyone. Life is your playing field. We offer semi-private and private training based on our proven program design principles and evidence based exercise science.
High School Sport Winter Training

High School Sport Winter Training

Our Winter training program is now in progress. Next season starts now. Get a head start on your competition and train with the #1 sports performance program as named by Men's Health magazine.


  • Thanks for all your time and energy and thanks for helping me heal
  • you guys blow away any results I've achieved with any other program
  • I'm in the best shape of my life. no one believes I'm 44 years old
  • I saw more improvement in 2 sessions than in 6 months with my physical therapist
  • the state of the art training has not only enabled them to train with greater confidence but has given them the ability to compete at a higher level.
    Frank Burdett
  • My boys have gone to other training facilities in the Las Vegas area, but nothing has compared to Las Vegas Sports Performance.
    Brian Peeler


From a short list of 61 gym's around the country we have been named by readers and a panel of experts as one of the top gym's in America


If your goal is to increase Speed, Explosive Power and Strength and have it transfer over in to huge performance gains in your sport then Las Vegas Sports Performance is the ideal environment for you. Our proven programs are developed in partnership with the MBSC Thrive network and backed by the #1 gym in America, as determined by Men's Health magazine.

Each scientifically designed program targets the key areas in Sports Performance. Add to this the benefit of Injury Reduction and Performance Longevity and you have all the elements required to make you a champion. Off-season, Pre-season and In-season programs correspond with the athletic calendar.

Our innovative approach to training works on building a solid athletic foundation while staying focussed on each individuals athletes goals. Contact us today to discuss taking your Sports Performance to the next level.


We're focussed on making you the best athlete you can be. If you’re a runner, cyclist, mountain biker or triathlete our proven programs of strength and conditioning can take you to the next level in your performance.

Our state-of-the-art training center is the only facility in Las Vegas that is designed from the ground up with your performance goals in mind. We specialize in power based training for cyclists and graded pace training utilizing GPS for runners.

Our training is based on science and therefore we measure and track training metrics to monitor your success. If you don’t already have a suitable device we will advise you on the right purchase.

We offer Cycling, Running & Triathlon programs along with medical grade Bike Fit, custom orthotic production and a Computrainer Multi-rider studio.


If we don't measure it, we can't manage it. Testing and assessment builds the back bone of everything we do at Las Vegas Sports Performance.

From your initial intake to measuring your progress within our program we use metrics and testing procedures to ensure we track your success. Our screening and testing protocols range from movement analysis to gas exchange stress testing to power output measurement.

Regardless of if you are looking to shed fat and control your metabolism or you're trying to improve your speed and post a new personal best. Our testing and assessment will establish the benchmarks you need to reach your next goal.


We train everyday people just like you, who want to look better, feel better, move better and be stronger. To us there is an athlete in everyone. Life is your playing field.

We offer semi-private and private training based on the same successful programs that we use with our performance athletes, utilizing the same program design principles.

Our Total Body Burn class is open to public and is a great way to take your first step towards moving and feeling better. It's a non stop calorie burning workout designed to push you to your limits


After an injury there is always a point where your Physical Therapist has done all they can. It's time for you to get back on the field of play, time for you to get back to doing what you love.

Our POST-REHAB program has been designed with the help of leading orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists. When you need to take the next step towards regaining your performance our program is the ideal place for you.

We understand the body and how it needs to move in everyday activities and sport. So we can get you back to doing what you love safely and with confidence in your ability.


If you need to lose fat then we have a proven program that will help you reach your goal. We call it Fat loss not Weight Loss, because that's exactly what needs to happen. You seldom get one without the other. This isn't your average class. No drugs, no gimmicks, no BS.

Increasing your metabolism, developing lean muscle, making your clothes fit better than ever. That's what our Fat Loss solution is all about. The problem with most fat loss programs is they use that same exercises as normal classes. We understand that excess body fat makes some of those exercises difficult to do and in many cases really limits their effectiveness.

We have developed a program based on proven science that will get you results !

Leaders in Sports Performance and Fitness. Part of the Men'sHealth Thrive Network